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FAQ- Questions and Answers

Q: Do you ship out of the United States?

A: We can ship dry products worldwide, but we can not ship jellyfish outside the United States.

Q: What do I feed my jellies?

A: You can feed them live baby brine shrimp or frozen food. We sell a kit for raising live brine shrimp, it is the best food, by far, for jellies.

Q: How long do jellyfish live?

A: Upside Down Jellies have been known to live up to five years, and Moon Jellies live approximately one year. In the wild they have a shorter lifespan.

Q: What jellyfish tank is best for a beginner?

A: The best tank for a beginner is the Jellyhome. It is easy to care for, affordable and houses moon jellyfish.

Q: Why can't you put a jellyfish in a regular aquarium?

A: You can't put a jellyfish in a regular aquarium because the jellyfish needs particular flow to keep it from getting stuck or rotting on the bottom. Filtration in jellyfish aquariums is also very particular, due to the delicate bodies of jellyfish. 

Q: What water quality levels are ideal?

A:  8.0-8.03 for PH, 0.00 ppm for Ammonia, Nitrite 0.00ppm and Nitrate 0.00-20.00ppm. 

Q: Can I combine shipping with jellyfish orders?

A: Yes you can! Contact us for information.

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